Challenges of Caring for More than Just Your Patient…


Taken From Trade Article Date: April 1, 2017 • In home care – or as some prefer to classify them – Attendant Care environments, the subject of the care is often one, (1) person. In some cases, that subject is a juvenile. While special challenges impact all care environments, there are areas of concern […]

One Type of Begging That Can Be Avoided…

It is not foreign to hear of a business losing a client or a customer and then the representatives of that business begging that former client or customer to return.  It happens with every business model from the law firm, to the medical case management firm to the medical practice to the corner store. Let’s […]

Neurological Cognitive Day – Do You Really Understand Them?

Long-Term care

What Some Reviewers Get Wrong about Neurological Cognitive Day Programs; Bound to Create Extensive Litigation… Jean Sherman, MSN – Major Contributor Adult day care is not new.  These programs have been well-known for over 35 years in America.  They assist in keeping families and communities together by providing a combination of social and clinical services. […]

In Business: Perspective Guides the Minds of the Mature

Many know that those who pay us for corporate compliance advice and leadership are truly committed to being the best possible operation. Knowing this, an attorney phoned our offices recently to inquire about the savvy approach and professional acumen of a care provider we serve.   We advised that we knew this residential care provider to […]

The Role of the Social Worker in the CORF

The Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitative Facility or CORF is a remarkably effective way to serve the entire person.  It is becoming a real staple in adult day programs.  Operating with a well-developed, physician monitored Treatment Plan, a CORF can provide the ongoing services of: Physicians Nurses Clinical Social Workers Occupational Therapists Physical Therapists Respiratory Therapists Speech […]