Clear Lines of Responsibility Can Prevent Lots of Grief…

Of course it has application in all business, however, right now our focus is adult day care.  We have been touring, auditing and training within multiple programs lately and one central theme of conduct appears dominant.  What is that?  It is staff not being clear in their specific lines of responsibilities and personnel – for any number of reasons – staking out territory and crossing the lines of authority.  It can easily turn good relationships into pure pandemonium.


As a result, staff disputes spill into the ears of program participants and important things get neglected.  This is especially true in sanitation when no one feels they have the responsibility of cleaning a bathroom or sanitizing a table.  Adding to this we have noticed that when some owners are not clear on certain regulatory requirements, manipulative staffers could take advantage, even inflating their value or the necessity of their remaining employed. 

In some cases, this person clings to this delusion which feeds an internal insecurity, as they have likely already ruined numerous job opportunities in the past due to this mindset.

The solution is not complex but requires:

  1. Honest evaluation of who best fits where
  2. Straightforward discussion
  3. Team Members Avoiding a Focus on Self-Importance
  4. Availability of regulatory requirements in the facility for all to review
  5. Strict adherence to published regulatory requirements
  6. Streamlined list of responsibilities



        7.    Clear lines of authority:  Who answers to whom?

Owners cannot shy away from these necessities and when we come in, we provide strategies that put the drama to rest.

Let’s focus on the needs of those we serve.  This should help to govern our approach to work and our behavior with others.

Shall we hear your thoughts?


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