Competence Matters in All Care Environments

Since the first call came in during the month of January 2006 from Calhoun County, Michigan our firm has been developing training products for the correctional industry.  A major focus has been medication administration in juvenile detention.

In addition to highlighting best practices such as never using psychotropic medications solely for behavioral management, this online course covers:  (1)  Medication Storage, (2)  Medication Disposal, (3) Pro-Active Communications with Medical Practices and more.

In 2018 we added:

  1. Being a Parent Even When We Are Not
  2. The Preservation of Dignity, and Its Likely Results
  3. Teaching with A Focus on Consequences, and
  4. Softening the Hardened Heart

These will be added to the school for staff in juvenile detention facilities February 1, 2018. Executives in juvenile detention can Click Here for the Product Spec Sheet.

Quality training impacts the mind and creates a consistent set of operational standards.  It is for this reason, we cannot do without it.

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