The “Bottom-Feeder” Threat Can Be Marginalized…


There are many definitions.  For the purposes of this Blog Post, the term Bottom-Feeder refers to humans who will make efforts to discredit you and your work, but have neither the background, skill set nor credentials to do what you do.  Why then, are they even worthy of discussion?

That is a valid question.  After all most of them slither around spreading lies, half-truths, unfounded opinions, and second-hand garbage.  Well, they are worthy of discussion because even though most of their audience will never take them seriously, they can create a tiring environment and lay seeds of doubt that can hurt your business, while, of course, making them appear petty and immature.

We experienced one recently.  We wear their attacks as a badge of honor, because generally it means we are doing our jobs.  However, we will respond when some offer unfounded criticism of our work, simply because personal insecurity has them offended or threatened by our presence.

What makes it almost comical, is that when our team comes into a nursing home, mental health hospital or medical practice to consult on structure, organization, personnel management and more, we have been vetted and are obviously qualified.  The complainer is often someone who has a loose affiliation with our client who could never bring about the change we usher in, which makes you wonder why are they offended?  In these scenarios we have found two, (2) popular realities.

  1. They fear job loss affecting someone for whom they arranged employment.
  2. They have given an impression to others of what they are qualified to do, when in fact they are not, and our presence threatens to expose that.  Where is the Policy Manual you are so qualified to prepare?  Where is that market analysis?  Where is that new system that contributes to regulatory compliance?  You guessed it, they have produced nothing.


While we caution against being overwhelmed by it, business ownership must respond when necessary and let no one stand in the way of accomplishing your client’s work.  In our case, we have filed two, (2) lawsuits rooted in loss profits and defamation and won both, one by default.

So, take your stand.  Never let the “bottom-feeder” stand in the way of meaningful progress.


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