Customization is Everything in Training….

If there exists any business category where the “one size fits all” mantra does not apply it is in the category of training or people development.  Training, especially in long-term care, considers:

  1. Laws, statutes and administrative rules
  2. Needs of the community
  3. Language consideration
  4. Learning abilities of product users

It is for this reason that in the on-line school, operated by Direct Care Training & Resource Center, Inc., there is a focus on specific needs of institutions, companies and governments.

For example, a previously non-medical home care company is now finding itself serving quadriplegics.  There is a need to enhance the knowledge base of its people with training in wound prevention, pressure management, safe/dignified personal care and more.  The company might want the training to take the tone of in-home care, meaning a course prepared for an adult day care or assisted living environment may not communicate the needs with the required specificity and technical knowledge.  This is when customization comes in.  Our team works to create a specialized product.

A similar situation may come into play with state governments.  State governments may be using pre-budgeted funds or even federal grants to enhance, improve or add uniformity to current training available for those rendering direct care in licensed facilities or for licensed home care agencies.  This uniformity reduces liability, establishes best practices and adds to the quality of the workforce.

For example, our course, “Avoiding the Appearance of Sexual Impropriety When Rendering Care” establishes guidelines for rendering personal care, interacting with residents, clients and patients in a way that seeks to eliminate the likelihood of an accusation of improper touching, etc.  One home care company may purchase it independently, but, four-hundred, (400) others may not in the same state.  As a result, these best practices that heighten the dignity and safety associated with care delivery and gives supervisors items to look for in the conduct of subordinates are not applied or used evenly, statewide.  (Click Here for CNN Article about rape in nursing homes)

When a state government contracts with us to customize training, we cover all the bases and develop training in the on-line school in a variety of ways with unique ways to pay for it, including:

  1. State pays one copyright fee, takes ownership of the on-line curriculum and makes available to users statewide.  The state then pays an annual edit/technical support fee.  In this scenario our firm is notified of any needed edits or technical issues requiring attention and we handle immediately.
  2. State pays a monthly fee to lease the curriculum and makes available to users statewide.  In this scenario our firm is notified of any needed edits or technical issues requiring attention and we handle immediately.

The methodology can be worked out.  What is important is that we develop people based upon what works best.  That respect for individuality will make a world of difference.

Let us know your thoughts.


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