Customization is the Best Approach for State Governments

One of the specialties of Direct Care Training & Resource Center, Inc. is the customization of training services for state and provincial governments.  There are indeed great advantages.  For one, a state or provincial government can create uniformity.  This means every worker in a certain category is receiving the same training or has access to the same training materials.

We add an extra edge.  What is that?  We focus on clinical competence with a healthy blend of simplicity.  Far too much training lacks the following:

  1. Easy to understand narratives
  2. Simplistic explanations of complex clinical and behavioral items
  3. Stories and experiences that bring the training to life
  4. Videos and illustrations that reinforce key points that ensure they stay in the minds of training users for years to come

We take that very seriously and know it has effectiveness.  At the time of the writing of this Blog Post we are working with three, (3) states in the USA and two, (2) Canadian provinces with the same goal:  Add uniformity and the key ingredients noted above to training used by direct care deliverers.

Talk to us about complementing how you prepare workers in your state.


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