Do Not Be Redefined by the Ugliness of Business…

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UglinessAre you in the business of care?  You likely find it thrilling.  There is a certain satisfaction that comes from contributing to the happiness and fulfillment of others.  Whether its some type of assisted living, home care, nursing care, adult day care, medical needs transportation or other business model its nice to be able to help people.

At the same time that we enjoy these satisfying moments, there is the grungy end of things.  Here are some examples of what we mean:

  • Perhaps in serving personal injury protection cases you have run into one too many self-serving, crooked case managers or personal injury attorneys. 
  • UglinessPerhaps in operating a care providing company such as  group home, you have found changes in how county mental health is managed to be burdensome, highly political, inefficient and even rooted in favoritism.
  • Perhaps a regulator or a representative of a care recipient rights department is being unnecessarily heavy-handed or seemingly partial.


  • Perhaps direct care staff have dragged your name through the mud for no reason or worse, engaged in theft on the business property.


  • Add to that family members of those you serve who come up with the most unreasonable demands and who view your services through a lens of non-reality and you could end up becoming:


  • Broken
  • Bitter
  • Suspicious
  • Anxious
  • Discouraged


At the end of the day, its just not worth it to allow your true self to deteriorate under these circumstances.  It would mean you are allowing the ugly end of the business (and every industry has one) to redefine you and make you something other than what you are and what you want to be.  Yes, its natural in some instances to want to give up and exclaim:  “I’m tired and I do not want to play anymore or at least not play by the rules.”  Just do not fall to the temptation.


Maintain your routine of doing things honestly, efficiently, warmly and with a commitment to people and then profits.  Keep your spiritual routine in place and enrich it regularly.

The ugly environments and the characters that manage them will always be there.  This does not mean we allow them to make us what we do not choose to be.

Love to hear your thoughts.


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