Getting Ready for Licensing? Prepare With the Right Knowledge.

Every state has various requirements associated with becoming licensed to enter the business of group living.  In Michigan its called adult foster care.  In that state the applicable rule is 400.14201 which dictates ares wherein a new licensee must demonstrate competency competency.

All of these areas are covered in live events and in the on-line school managed by Direct Care Training & Resource Center, Inc.  The school is available from the home page of Direct Care Training & Resource Center, Inc. (

The beauty of this product is how it blends written content, videos and illustrations to make key points come alive.

An example is the following from the section entitled Person Centered Planning:


“Program Planning can mean that you as the Licensee or your Administrator must put in place and properly manage a plan to assist residents to attain and maintain maximum function, health and personal stability. You must avoid a cookie cutter approach to fulfilling the lives of your residents.

Person Centered is not a real unique term but one that carries with it power and resolve.  Accordingly this section of our discussion was written for community care providers to help you better understand what the concept involves.  We get to the heart of what it means to run a residential care program that centers on the needs of the resident.”

Using this course assures a proper understanding of how adult foster care works and teaches key principles associated with responsible operation.

Click Here for the course in the online school to gather more information or to take it.

We stand as experienced champions for the community based care provider.

Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your world in care.


Online school users of the Critical Skill Class are also invited to attend Medications, Resident/Recipient Rights and Person-Centered Planning sessions conducted live in Livonia, Michigan.  Need a Guide for Group Home Managers in the Development of a Sanitation Plan and other group home management critiques?  Here it is…



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