How Training Customization Works for Public Bodies

People development can accomplish tons of very positive elements in long-term care.  Among the major ones are:

  1. Consistent levels of staff preparedness
  2. Confidence building among care deliverers
  3. Assurance of patient/client safety through adherence to best practices
  4. Liability reduction
  5. Heightened regulatory compliance

We understand the need for us to explain to state and county governments as well as mental health authorities across North America how we step-up to customize what a body may need to accomplish the best in proprietary training programs.  We develop based upon the specific requirements of the client.

This could apply for:

  1. Assisted Living Homes
  2. Adult Day Care/Health Centers
  3. Certified Nurse Assistants
  4. Home Care Employees

How does the process work:

  1. Agency contact reaches out to us using this email:  Advise if you represent a state government, county government, mental health authority or other agency model.
  2. We will reach out by phone to learn exactly what is needed, for what category of employee and based upon what set of administrative rules/laws/statutes/codes, etc.
  3. We then move to internally determine the number of research hours are involved and what professional disciplines we need to assign and establish our fee.
  4. Once fee is agreed upon, we move to create the product ordered.
  5. We deliver the product, copyrighted to the purchaser which is hosted on our online platform.

This is an important part of our work.  Reach out and together we can help your jurisdiction excel in how care providers are developed.


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