One Type of Begging That Can Be Avoided…


It is not foreign to hear of a business losing a client or a customer and then the representatives of that business begging that former client or customer to return.  It happens with every business model from the law firm, to the medical case management firm to the medical practice to the corner store. Let’s face it, we are humans and people have preferences, prejudices, etc. and things change, including business relationships.  That said, this does not mean it has to happen for certain reasons.

What reason is that?  Not paying adequate attention to those we have agreed to serve.  When we lose someone because we have not paid adequate attention to their needs, refused to communicate fairly and/or frequently we could make someone feel as though they are no more than an invoice.  This does not bode well for building and maintaining relationships.

In our company, regardless of what category a client falls in, we regularly publish programmatic guidelines, newsletters and more to ensure we are all functioning as a family.  This is of special importance when we are managing care, among the many other things we do in our 4 departments.

It is likely that no matter how much we beg, most dissatisfied customers or clients who left you due to inattention are not coming back.  This leads to an important question:  Will you learn from it and change how you deal with all others whom you serve?


Penny for your thoughts.


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