Preparedness Matters; Especially in Adult Foster Care

Adult Foster Care

Adult Foster CarePreparedness matters in everything.  Going into business is no exception.  Around the world, care driven entrepreneurs open new group living programs.  These serve the most vulnerable who require a level of supervision and special assistance just to safely make it through the day.

In Michigan, as is many other jurisdictions, there is the regulatory term “adult foster care.”  This Adult Foster Carerefers to the group home environment, typically 3-20 residents, which serves the mentally ill, those with intellectual disorders, the aged and others.  Our “Clinical Curriculum Team” studies regulatory requirements and then combines that with entrepreneurial experience to create training that prepares the new entry for success in adult foster care.  This makes all adult foster care training meaningful and relevant.

Adult Foster CareThe goal is simple:  Heighten the understanding of regulatory requirements while giving advice that can enhance the likelihood of business success for new operators.  Of course, even seasoned operators can benefit from these online discussions.  The starting point on the web is:  The actual class is Here.

Serious care delivery organizations embrace all facets of ongoing development.  Ensuring you have the tools to do that in adult foster care and other group living environments is why we exist.







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