Privacy Does Matter…Be Careful Not to Ignore That!

For the 4th time or so this year our firm has heard from families looking for alternative placement due to complaints on the same subject regarding group homes.  That complaint is a lack of resident privacy.  One went so far as to say that when she is in her mother’s bedroom to talk, the owners virtually stalk the entrance listening to every word.  In every place we can think of, this is not only a violation of the resident’s rights, but truly rude, if not obnoxious behavior.

Who knows why this occurs.  Perhaps for some there is a deep-seated insecurity associated with having lost residents due to service complaints.  This is an easy fix.  Operate the residential program in an attentive, responsible and regulatory compliant way.  This will not eliminate those who live to complain for no reason but will remove any appearance of legitimacy associated with unfounded complaints.

There is another important factor:  If as a business owner you find yourself constantly focused on who might complain and why, you will stress yourself into distraction.  The creativity needed by an entrepreneur can be stifled and your happiness can be affected long-term.  By the way, you need that creativity to market your business and to experience the joy of profitable process management.

Operate with right principles.  Make best practices a priority.  Just ensure that protecting resident privacy is among those practices.

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