Special Training Program Enhances Residential Care in Georgia

Its no secret that team members in long-term care need to be specially prepared to do their jobs.  After all, they are working with humans whose needs can be incredibly intricate.  In the U.S. State of Georgia a special program is in place that is designed to help providers of residential care, i.e. personal care homes, intermediate care facilities and other assisted living models, polish staff on an ongoing basis.

The Landing Page where it all begins is:


From there users are taken to a series of training subjects that are designed to enhance team member skill and reduce provider liability.

The focus is expansive and includes in its subject matter:

1.  Being Responsive to the Needs of Your Population.  How?

2.  Medication Administration

3.  Person-Centered Planning

4.  Fire and Other Disaster Safety

5.  Recognizing, Responding to and Reporting Abuse and Neglect

6.  Reducing Personal Job Stress

7.  Prevention & Containment of Communicable Disease:  Blood Borne Pathogens

Team members in residential care environments can use a computer at work, tablet or smartphone and meet hiring, continuing education and in-service requirements.  Better yet, everything is developed for their state of operation making it location specific.

This product underscores the decades long commitment of  Direct Care Training & Resource Center, Inc. in providing the best people development tools the long-term care community can find.

Learn more regularly at www.directcaretraining.com.


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