How can you help adult day care clients who speak different languages mingle better?

Some communities are known for multicultural populations.  While the youngsters may be bilingual, grandma and grandpa may not be.  So, when in communal settings such as adult day care, they might gravitate to those who fit their comfort level, or who speak the same language. To help adult day care clients who speak different languages […]

Adult Day Care Has Evolved. Will You?

Adult Day Care is Evolving and Operators Must Evolve as Well From the 1980’s adult day care has surely changed.  These changes have impacted regulatory designations, services offered, varying model types and more.  When I started in 1994 – long before I helped develop and re-develop hundreds of programs across 3 continents – our focus […]

A Few Worthy CORF Facts

CORF stands for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ designation, Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitative Facility.  More and more adult day care/health programs are doubling as CORFs and in the process are offering rather comprehensive services to those being served. Anyone can establish an outpatient rehabilitation clinic.  As long as services are provided by licensed, qualified […]

The Role of the Social Worker in the CORF

The Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitative Facility or CORF is a remarkably effective way to serve the entire person.  It is becoming a real staple in adult day programs.  Operating with a well-developed, physician monitored Treatment Plan, a CORF can provide the ongoing services of: Physicians Nurses Clinical Social Workers Occupational Therapists Physical Therapists Respiratory Therapists Speech […]