How can you help adult day care clients who speak different languages mingle better?

Some communities are known for multicultural populations.  While the youngsters may be bilingual, grandma and grandpa may not be.  So, when in communal settings such as adult day care, they might gravitate to those who fit their comfort level, or who speak the same language. To help adult day care clients who speak different languages […]

Back to the Basics: The Value of Adult Day Services

Adult day care is a valuable service that provides a safe and engaging environment for older adults or individuals with disabilities who require supervision during the day. It is a program designed to enhance the quality of life for older adults and their families by providing socialization, activities, and care in a community-based setting. Here […]

Proud to Support Adult Day Care in Nebraska

The 39 adult day care providers in the State of Nebraska are known for going above and beyond to serve those who need supervision, assistance with personal care, nutritional management and more during the day. Often this takes pressure off a spouse who may be worn down due to caregiving or an adult child whose […]

Our Focus is Success via Familiarity….

In the world of online learning there are a couple of characteristics that matter most for providers.  Among these is being able to help the student – including those who are not accustomed to computer learning – to understand how the process works.  This assistance must include not only a few general items about online […]

Special Posting for Adult Day Care Centers; Focus: Pennsylvania

It is our pleasure to be of service to adult day care providers in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Many of you are using the online school and even more of you are using our printed products to accomplish your staff training.  This includes orientation for new staff and ongoing development for seasoned and experienced staff. […]