Our Focus on Physicians Spans the World…


It is our honor to use most of 2021 focused on specialized training for physicians.  While medical societies of different types offer a variety of continuing education options, many are not offering those special components many jurisdictions are now requiring. Perhaps the most popular are: Human Trafficking Bias Recognition and Prevention Opioid Addiction Prevention and […]

Challenges of Caring for More than Just Your Patient…


Taken From Trade Article Date: April 1, 2017 • www.directcaretraining.com In home care – or as some prefer to classify them – Attendant Care environments, the subject of the care is often one, (1) person. In some cases, that subject is a juvenile. While special challenges impact all care environments, there are areas of concern […]

Do You Know Your Value? – Upcoming Webinar Invite…

Webinar Invite

Do You Know Your Value? Intro to Upcoming Webinar On any given day I review 10 client concerns, observe 25 student’s progress in one of our online schools and approve approaches to helping clients to manage challenging situations. These situations could range from dealing with an impending regulatory response to a licensing violation, cash flow […]

The Trauma of Words is Amazingly Underestimated

We come in contact on a pretty regular basis with residents in group home environments who previously lived with relatives.  Often the previous living environment was not a nurturing one.  In some cases, the relative acting as the caregiver verbally expressed their frustration with the arrangement and with the most biting words, painted the care […]

Our Focus is Success via Familiarity….

In the world of online learning there are a couple of characteristics that matter most for providers.  Among these is being able to help the student – including those who are not accustomed to computer learning – to understand how the process works.  This assistance must include not only a few general items about online […]