Our Focus on Physicians Spans the World…


It is our honor to use most of 2021 focused on specialized training for physicians.  While medical societies of different types offer a variety of continuing education options, many are not offering those special components many jurisdictions are now requiring. Perhaps the most popular are: Human Trafficking Bias Recognition and Prevention Opioid Addiction Prevention and […]

Special Human Trafficking Section for Police, Firefighters and EMTs

Human Trafficking

It is such a privilege to develop training and continuing education products for the long-term care community.  Among our flagship products has been the training title:  Human Trafficking:  What Care Providers Need to Know. In Section IV we break down observation tips for multiple care business models and then expand that to police, firefighters and […]

Will Adult Day Care Survive the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Covid-19 pandemic

When the COVID-19 situation became very serious, requiring divisive action by federal, state and local governments in America and elsewhere, we had to adjust how we conduct business.  Theaters closed, churches and other houses of worship went virtual, retailers guided and controlled traffic and restaurants went 100% delivery and take-out.  The adult day care program […]

Challenges of Caring for More than Just Your Patient…


Taken From Trade Article Date: April 1, 2017 • www.directcaretraining.com In home care – or as some prefer to classify them – Attendant Care environments, the subject of the care is often one, (1) person. In some cases, that subject is a juvenile. While special challenges impact all care environments, there are areas of concern […]

Traumatic Brain Injury Course a Boon for Direct Care Workers

Effective July 1, 2018, a simplified yet highly informative and effective course in traumatic brain injury is available for administrative and direct care staff in group living environments. The main topics are: Traumatic Brain Injury Defined How the Condition is Diagnosed Temporal Lobe Deficits and Cognitive Re-Training in Traumatic Brain Injury Most Popular Causes Common […]

Our Focus is Success via Familiarity….

In the world of online learning there are a couple of characteristics that matter most for providers.  Among these is being able to help the student – including those who are not accustomed to computer learning – to understand how the process works.  This assistance must include not only a few general items about online […]

“You’re Only In It for the Money”

Our firm has heard this more than once of late from direct care staff, mostly working in group home environments and directed toward the owner.  Yes, every American is entitled to his/her opinion.  Yes we realize there are circumstances where an owner may be more income focused than quality of care focused.  However, we are […]

Competence Matters in All Care Environments

Since the first call came in during the month of January 2006 from Calhoun County, Michigan our firm has been developing training products for the correctional industry.  A major focus has been medication administration in juvenile detention. In addition to highlighting best practices such as never using psychotropic medications solely for behavioral management, this online […]

Are You True to Your Mission in Care?

It sounds like an incredibly simple question to answer, but you have to wonder if everyone gets it.  Recently our company has been helping transition an elderly woman from a large assisted living program to a smaller one.  Why?  Because staff in the larger program have been abusive, even face-timing from this resident’s room as […]