Do You Know Your Value? – Upcoming Webinar Invite…

Webinar Invite

Do You Know Your Value? Intro to Upcoming Webinar On any given day I review 10 client concerns, observe 25 student’s progress in one of our online schools and approve approaches to helping clients to manage challenging situations. These situations could range from dealing with an impending regulatory response to a licensing violation, cash flow […]

The Value of Perspective in Long-Term Care

Long-Term care

Without it, Sleepless Nights Multiply Analysis ● February 2020   Rendering care can, in and of itself, be a stressful venture.  After all you become the guardian of someone’s physical, mental and often spiritual well-being.  Regardless of the compensation involved, the human investment can be enormous. In the Michigan PIP System, (Personal Injury Protection benefits […]

The Trauma of Words is Amazingly Underestimated

We come in contact on a pretty regular basis with residents in group home environments who previously lived with relatives.  Often the previous living environment was not a nurturing one.  In some cases, the relative acting as the caregiver verbally expressed their frustration with the arrangement and with the most biting words, painted the care […]

Operationally, Are We Making the Cut?

The world of the group home is constantly evolving.  This even applies to how they contract for placement of residents.  More and more rules are tightening and newly developed HMO style mental health authorities are cropping up that directly oversee the group home operation.  Gone are the days of Managed Care Provider Networks, (MCPNs) and […]

Special Posting for Adult Day Care Centers; Focus: Pennsylvania

It is our pleasure to be of service to adult day care providers in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Many of you are using the online school and even more of you are using our printed products to accomplish your staff training.  This includes orientation for new staff and ongoing development for seasoned and experienced staff. […]