In Institutional Care Settings, Be Sure to Live By Your Risk Assessment

Risk assessments are an essential part of most businesses.  Those operating in the healthcare sector are not exceptions and this includes outpatient work.  Accordingly, when developing outpatient programs you must give attention to some form of risk assessment. A risk assessment is an organized, systematic method an employer uses to protect their employees and business. […]

“Rise to the Challenge; Do Not Run From It”

In business, strategy is everything.  That being said, this does not remove certain challenges that impact our operations.  Some may be rooted in the economy while others may be tied to circumstances of a regulatory nature. Regardless of the why, the discerning entrepreneur rises to whatever problem or challenges surface. A wonderful example might be […]

A Fatal Mistake to Avoid in Home Care

Millions of American need care in their homes.  Some are battling Alzheimer’s disease and/or a related dementia while others are dealing with medical fragility from other causes including catastrophic injury.  People need help at home! Home care companies – some skilled, some unskilled and some with departments for both – help to assure that those […]