Scope of License a Frequent Item in PIP Litigation


In litigation against insurance companies who refuse to pay for legitimate services rendered in licensed adult foster care homes, the argument about scope of license often comes up.  As researchers for counsel on both sides of these arguments, we often present the counter argument not as legal advice but as a presentation of facts defending […]

Has Southfield, Michigan Closed the Door on Group Homes?

Group homes are not new.  For decades these neighborhood businesses have served the mentally ill, those with developmental limitations, those recovering from catastrophic injury and the medically fragile elderly.  Often these are smaller residential care environments, with as few as 3 beds.  In the State of Michigan they are called group homes and operate under […]

“You’re Only In It for the Money”

Our firm has heard this more than once of late from direct care staff, mostly working in group home environments and directed toward the owner.  Yes, every American is entitled to his/her opinion.  Yes we realize there are circumstances where an owner may be more income focused than quality of care focused.  However, we are […]

Getting Ready for Licensing? Prepare With the Right Knowledge.

Every state has various requirements associated with becoming licensed to enter the business of group living.  In Michigan its called adult foster care.  In that state the applicable rule is 400.14201 which dictates ares wherein a new licensee must demonstrate competency competency. All of these areas are covered in live events and in the on-line […]