What People are saying!

“These professionals are organizational experts.  They help refine systems and their training products are easy for staff to use.”

Aniema Ubom, MBA – Care First Rehabilitation

“No one can question how hard this team works or the depth of the knowledge Mr. McCollum, the group leader brings to program development in assisted living, adult day health care, skilled nursing, home care and other care business venues.  He does not speak unless he has a total grasp of the subject.  Their assistance with processes such as accreditation, certification, contract compliance techniques and regulatory compliance protocol is creative and effective.  He is also a wonderful construction manager.  Also the weekly updates provided to a client via e-mail on progress associated with their work demonstrates integrity and accountability.  I think they have found a real niche. As a retired educator for 27 years before entering long-term care, I can also tell you their child care training programs are spectacular.  It is without reservation that I recommend this organization’s products.”

Heidi Morton, MS, LPC Lovejoy Rehabilitation Centers

“I have benefited from not only the guidance but the support.  I needed help developing my program and their manual was right on the mark.  (shop.directcaretraining.com)  Then to be able to call and get the advice I needed was another plus.  Add to that, though now operating for 10 years and earning a living from my business, I can still call and get help on a variety of things.  These people are exceptional.”

Jonathan Barnett, Downriver’s Nest Adult Day Health Care, www.downriversnest.com ,313.292.5300

“I am so impressed by the informational webinars produced by this organization.  Plus, they gave me critical guidance in developing policies and procedures for my adult day care program and helping us to develop clinical competence.  In 2016 they took the lead in our obtaining Medicare certification as an outpatient rehabilitation facility and a home care company.  They bring both professionalism and true reliability.  The quality of our policies and overall program is proof.  When Mr. McCollum came to Philadelphia to help see me through my licensing process I was literally overwhelmed.  I praise these worthy professionals for their sincere approach to helping us get it right when it comes to community based care along the continuum.  And they are our friends!”  (www.foxchaseadc.com)

Yakov Galibov ,Fox Chase Adult Day Care Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Attending one of this company’s webinars was a fantastic experience.  The professionalism was incredible.  The content surpassed my expectations.  When Mr. McCollum took the time to come to Florida and meet with us and share his insights I found this an even greater indication of their commitment to quality in care.  I support Direct Care Training & Resource Center and their mission of making community based care in America all it can be.”

Christine Powers, President – Florida Adult Day Care Association-2013

“For a specialized home you cannot beat this company’s training product.  The extras like sanitary kitchen management make it a great tool to develop staff.”

Nick Hargress – Advance Care

“The online school is really effective.  The videos will make your direct care workers in adult foster care think.”

Imran Khan, Embrace Group Home

“In my long career I have rarely seen such a commitment to innovative training and education.  After attending their event in 2014 I walked away with knowledge I should have obtained years earlier.  I am hopeful they will continue to promote their expanded look at long-term care through their training and educational programs.  Hats off to their promoters, great job getting the word out.”

Tina Koon, LNHA Nursing Home Administrator

“We cannot speak enough about the assistance and guidance received from Direct Care Training & Resource Center, Inc.  They established the clinical protocol for our program.  They shepherded our finance and capitalization program well beyond our expectations, culminating in our qualifying for an SBA backed loan.  This included their writing of the Business Plan.  In 2016, they joined us in seeking Medicare certification as an outpatient rehabilitation facility and we are now CMS-Medicare certified as a CORF and operating a home care division. No matter what the hiccup might be, they stand by you, which includes our going into the complementary business of home care.  It is without reservation that we recommend these individuals for their professionalism, customer loyalty and integrity”.

Kalpesh Shah, Central Georgia Adult Day Health & Rehab, Inc.

“I have been a training client for a long-time.  I saw this page for the first time and asked JJ if I could add to it.  Thereafter, I wrote this.  I’m leaving out my name as I simply do not want the drama that might create.  I have a home health agency and 3 group homes in Michigan.  A licensing rep in Wayne County told me not to use this firm for training and that she and her boss recommended another company whose products were less expensive.  I called that company and received materials that appeared to be copied 50 times over, zero professionalism.  What a waste and shameful a licensing person is hawking the products of a private entity.

Maybe a month later we had a home care client that we felt could benefit from a unique approach.  3 to 4 days per week in the group home and the rest in his home with staffing.  His family was just overwhelmed.  We called Gaylene, the nurse practitioner within Direct Care Training.  She came and showed us how to develop what she called “A Plan of Services and Recommendations.”  This allowed us to organize options for the family to consider in a professional way.  They charged us nothing for this help and today we serve this gentleman with a TBI.  It is without reservation that we recommend the products and services of this wonderful group of people and we leave their detractors to God.”

Anonymous, Wayne County, Michigan

“The training from this company is outstanding as well as the support.  We highly recommend it.”

Michael Kallush, Owner Golden Age Adult Day Care Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“The products for Florida adult family care homes are unbelievable.  Their processes are convenient and the online school is easy for my staff to use.”

Jenny Oliyabo, Owner – Florida Adult Family Care Home

“This company has been a God send.  They teach you practical things about long-term care.  They also educate you on the politics.  We are especially grateful for the human trafficking training and helping to introduce our program to local nursing home discharge planning staff.”

Sharron Teamer, Program Licensee ,www.oaklandhavenmi.com

Not only has this company’s leadership been outstanding ,but i am just as happy to speak with pleasure about the direct care worker training offered by Direct Care Training & Resource Center,Inc.We have a computer in the group home we use to train staff.Every subject required by the State of  Michigan is covered in their online school.We love the photos,the videos and the overall content of course,the price is beyond  attractive.”


Derek Robbins,Vice-President