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Also operating in Michigan as Direct Care Training

Our Core Mission:

We are a group of professionals coming from backgrounds in both business and long-term care. We manage long-term care project development from inception to conclusion in:

In addition, we are educators, with our virtual schools serving over 25,000 long-term care professionals in multiple countries. Our schools provide everything from pre-licensing preparedness to annually required continuing education to training for direct care workers who function in a variety of job categories.

It is with excitement and commitment that we look forward to being of service. Important communications follow in the Document Library below, including periodic updates we provide to state regulators regarding training and continuing education products:

This includes our work to customize training for state and provincial governments and corporate entities. A state or provincial government may want to fine tune a training or add uniformity for a specific job classification. We will consult with you, determine an investment amount and guide the process of developing just the right product that will belong to you.

We Customize Training For All Care Delivery Personnel For State And Provincial Governments

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Direct Care Training & Resource Center, Inc. is a private organization that provides training and assistance to community care providers and prospective providers in matters of continuing education, business development assistance and general information workshops. We are not regulators.  We do not seek to replace regulators. We are not competitors of regulators.  Neither do we recommend that a provider of care or prospective provider of care ignore the advice and direction of regulators.  This is not our role.  For those whom we are assisting with accreditation please note that this is a collaborative and strategic process, not an overnight fix.  We need your involvement and patience.  Many of our training workshops are approved as continuing education units for adult foster care group home licensees and administrators, personal care homes, adult family care homes and other assisted living models. As such, many of our training products do incorporate the review of regulatory statutes, administrative rules and laws that pertain to the provision of care, all of which is readily available to the general public. We are not a governmental entity and our programs must never be viewed as a replacement or substitute for State or federally sponsored orientations, licensing preparatory meetings or any other government sponsored or governmentally mandated educational event or training. Additionally, approval for continuing education courses does not in any way constitute a governmental endorsement of other services provided by our company or any of its affiliates.  Furthermore, attendance at any of our live sessions, use of our self-study materials or online/virtual school and any technical assistance we may offer must never be viewed as a guarantee of potential business success, elimination of liability or specific financial gain. It is the responsibility of the individual business owner to work toward and create a pattern of success for his/her business entity.  While we make a concerted effort to offer quality advice and teach providers the highest levels of quality customer service, clients must not look to our company to ensure they are successful as community-based care providers.  We cannot guarantee how long it will take to attract clients or residents and we will not assure a particular lifestyle from your business efforts. Please note that licensed adult foster care group homes in Michigan who have contracts with community mental health agencies may be obligated to receive all direct care worker and medications training through that agency or the training organization they specify.  Check with them before calling our company to enroll in training programs. 6% sales tax charged on all self-study products in the State of Michigan.  Information provided in our workshops is up-to-date and accurate to the best of our knowledge and belief.  Sample forms used in live training sessions and the online/virtual school may bear the name of certain waiver agents but must in no way be interpreted as an implied endorsement by any agency or governmental department.  If a live class paid for is missed, no cash refunds will be made, however a credit will be issued allowing you to attend a comparable event within one year of payment.