We All Must Learn How to Be Misunderstood and Attacked

Bruce Mccollum

I rarely take these calls personally, but I do love speaking to her. We reminisce about when we first met in 2005 and how she was impressed with our products. She also critiqued a few classes, but all these years later we still work together. One of the instances that created this bond is her […]

Be Careful Allowing a Negative Mind to Destroy Positive Possibilities.

Coaching update from bruce W. McCollum

    In this edition we are speaking to employers and others who may be in leadership roles. It can become so easy to experience feelings of being “taken advantage of” when some in our lives are not performing according to our expectations. In the employment arena we may conclude that those we pay are […]

You Cannot Bill Medicare Directly for Adult Day Care

medical necessity

The question comes up, sometimes multiple times after we answer it. There is no direct bill to Medicare specifically for adult day services. Several years ago, California Representative Linda Sanchez did sponsor a bill that, if signed by the U.S. President at the time would have created a billing code and protocol for adult day […]

The “Bottom-Feeder” Threat Can Be Marginalized…


There are many definitions.  For the purposes of this Blog Post, the term Bottom-Feeder refers to humans who will make efforts to discredit you and your work, but have neither the background, skill set nor credentials to do what you do.  Why then, are they even worthy of discussion? That is a valid question.  After […]

The Medical Necessity Of Professional Rehabilitation

medical necessity

Far too often a nurse reviewer will decide simply from looking at the duration of a clinical or rehabilitative service that it should be discontinued.  What science these decisions are based upon is not always shared when insurance companies or government departments make them.  However, there are several important factors which are often ignored.  Further, […]

Our Focus on Physicians Spans the World…


It is our honor to use most of 2021 focused on specialized training for physicians.  While medical societies of different types offer a variety of continuing education options, many are not offering those special components many jurisdictions are now requiring. Perhaps the most popular are: Human Trafficking Bias Recognition and Prevention Opioid Addiction Prevention and […]

Clinical Competence an Important Factor in Some Litigation Success…

RICO violation

  RICO violation is the worst things that can happen to a medical practice is being sued by a reimbursement source to recoup funds.  If that lawsuit alleges fraud and/or any type of misrepresentation, the only resolutions are: Admitting guilt to a deliberate effort to obtain funds under false pretenses, or Fight by demonstrating that […]