Legal Definitions

This Legal Definitions page provides an explanation of terms used in our website and in our Agreements.  We encourage those with whom we conduct business to refer to this area before entering an agreement with out firms.

The Client

The Client refers to owners or corporate officers of an entity with whom we conduct business as well as hired executives, managers, department managers, location managers, field managers and managerial support personnel who can make decisions for the corporate entity.  This decision making may extend to hiring, budgeting, vehicle usage and/or supply management.


Refers to a legally binding process whereby disputes are heard by a pre-selected arbitrator.

The Provider

“The Provider” refers to our firm that is party to any “Agreement”.

Final Agreement

The term “Final Agreement” means that all of the foregoing language in any agreement is binding.”


In our Agreements the term defame means to assign bad motives to, openly question the motives of, spread false information about which can be to as few as one, (1) person, impugn officers, products or services of our companies or deliberately give a reason to others to question the legitimacy, integrity and/or motives of our companies and officers.