Special Posting for Adult Day Care Centers; Focus: Pennsylvania

It is our pleasure to be of service to adult day care providers in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Many of you are using the online school and even more of you are using our printed products to accomplish your staff training.  This includes orientation for new staff and ongoing development for seasoned and experienced staff.

Of course, there will always be bumps in the road when new things are introduced.  Imagine how many thought transitioning from a horse and buggy to an engine powered automobile was ridiculous.  However, as with many other things it caught on and today automobiles define our lives.  The same is happening with technology, including online learning.  Hopefully, more and more employers are being careful not to support an employee’s refusal to embrace what is new.  Things often change in long-term care.

Even owners are dealing with managed care adjustments in various states and we either get on board or we lose.  Eventually, even some of the licensing orientations we are accustomed to attending will likely be transitioned to on-line events.

A part of our challenge has been disparity between what are written training requirements and what some have stated verbally.  We communicated with state personnel and believe this has been successfully worked out.  For those of you who have not been in the school since December there have been numerous adjustments.  These include:

  1. Subject Highlights at the Beginning of Each Section
  2. Shorter Reviews; with reviews tied to individual sections to give the memory a bit of a break
  3. The addition of multiple videos on various subjects

To demonstrate our further commitment to your success we have refined two, (2) new items:

  1. A Pictorial for usage of the school specific for Pennsylvania with the screenshots that follow throughout this communication.
  2. An explainer video with step-by-step instructions built into each class and available for download from YouTube.

The school is truly easy to use.  Once a subscription is purchased the new enrollee just logs in.  Where an employer makes the purchase on a subscription plan, we issue a Coupon Code.  Each employee then sets up their own account and takes classes as they so choose and when prompted to pay, they enter the Code and avoid being charged.

We are eager to demonstrate our commitment to the highest quality products and to satisfying the needs of those who rely upon us.  Therefore, effective immediately the cost for using the school is $150.00 for an entire year and allows you to train up to twenty, (20) staff.  If you already have a subscription, we are extending yours to March 31, 2019 at no additional cost.  The link to the school is:  http://directcaretrng.pathwright.com.  You may also access it from the home page of www.directcaretraining.com.

The next noteworthy item is we have included access to one, (1) additional class.  In this age of litigiousness, we know you will appreciate being able to take: “Avoiding the Appearance of Sexual Impropriety When Rendering Care” in the school.

We will be highly visible throughout Pennsylvania during 2018, attending numerous events and visiting at least 1/3 of the centers in operation.  We look forward to getting to know more of you and thank you for your confidence and the sense of partnership we feel thus far.

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