Preparedness Matters; Especially in Adult Foster Care

Adult Foster Care

Preparedness matters in everything.  Going into business is no exception.  Around the world, care driven entrepreneurs open new group living programs.  These serve the most vulnerable who require a level of supervision and special assistance just to safely make it through the day. In Michigan, as is many other jurisdictions, there is the regulatory term […]

Our Focus is Success via Familiarity….

In the world of online learning there are a couple of characteristics that matter most for providers.  Among these is being able to help the student – including those who are not accustomed to computer learning – to understand how the process works.  This assistance must include not only a few general items about online […]

Care Providers: Give Personnel Emotional Security Which Benefits the Business

There is no shortage of group homes and other assisted living venues in which we find ourselves on a regular basis.  We appreciate being able to influence the dignity, staff development and overall decorum of care providing organizations.  It is who we are and what we do. One area we regularly speak to employers about […]

Don’t Let the Little Basics Create Large Headaches

Being sure we do not ignore those operational items that represent responsible regulatory compliance in group living is essential.  Ideally one staffer will be assigned to ensure these are never ignored.  This takes pressure off the owner (s) while at the same time keeping you inspection ready at all times. These include: Fire drills at […]

Are You True to Your Mission in Care?

It sounds like an incredibly simple question to answer, but you have to wonder if everyone gets it.  Recently our company has been helping transition an elderly woman from a large assisted living program to a smaller one.  Why?  Because staff in the larger program have been abusive, even face-timing from this resident’s room as […]