The Mobile Secretary Gives the Small Guy an Edge

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The Mobile Secretary is a service provided by Direct Care Training & Resource Center, Inc. to care providers.  So far, among the 100+ users the service has assisted in the creation and remittance of:

  1. Corrective Action Plans
  2. Billing Correspondences including for Medicaid and PIP Benefits in 4 states.  That’s right.  There are times when you have to answer billing questions from worker’s compensation and no-fault auto insurance companies, Medicaid waiver providers and others.  We assure these are composed with accuracy and absolute professionalism.
  3. Policy Development – Not some cookie-cutter approach to get people past an artificial regulatory hump.  We help craft true corporate governance designed for long-term benefits.

It is understandable some providers of care –  from home care to adult foster care – may consider some correspondences a bit too technical for internal staff.  In other instances, smaller providers simply may not have the budget for care and clerical staff.  This is where the Mobile Secretary comes is.

Maggie Erickson of Birchcrest Senior Living agrees.  She remarks:  “I love using this service.  So far I’ve used it 3 times for both regulatory and billing issues.  I know the results I received were better than if I had handled it myself”.

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Let’s face it, the right service bureau can make life and business better.

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