We Mean it When We Say: “We’re in the Neighborhood”.


A Blog Message From Us…

In the world of continuing education and staff development in long-term care there are key essentials.  These include:

1.  Understanding of local needs

2.  Understanding how that care business model impacts the local community

This is where we are set apart.  When it comes to adult foster care continuing education in the State of Michigan, the nearly 100+ courses we have developed focus on issues affecting this care business model in that state.  After all Safe Driving for Direct Care Staff does not require a section on navigating snowstorms for providers in Los Angeles.  Relevance matters.  All of them are noted at www.michiganafcceus.com.



Otherwise, while a product might provide some worthy information it is not continuing education.  It likely does not add perspective and does not advance the knowledge base of the care providing leader.



A worthy example is the course on Effective Group Home Leadership which covers all the bases associated with day-to-day management of the group home environment.  Relevant and thereby effective.

As we noted earlier, when we say we are in the neighborhood we mean it.







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