Celebrating 20 Years of Support to Families

Imagine the very thought of having to care for a catastrophically injured relative at home because you cannot imagine their living in a nursing home or assisted living.  At the same time you are ill-equipped to manage certain nuances to ensure care is rendered in a safe and dignified manner.

Transferring care from a facility to a private home can be quite an undertaking.  Advance planning and preparation are needed to ensure the new environment can rise to do the job successfully.

Since 1997, Direct Care Training & Resource Center, Inc. has been called upon by families, health claims managers, case managers and others to equip families to render care in an effective and appropriate way.  In the process we assist family members to adhere to best practices in day-to-day care and sanitary protocol.  We take pleasure in this division of our firm, headed by 2 nurses with a combined 75 years of experience in long-term care.

We come into the home, assess the needs, (sometimes we do this in the facility from which the discharge is to occur) and train in essential elements including:

  1. Wound Prevention
  2. Transfer and Ambulation
  3. Safe Personal Care

and more….

When you are committed to the highest standards in long-term care, this must extend to every location where care is delivered.

For more information send an email to:  info@care.7hubwebsolution.com or Visithttp://care.7hubwebsolution.com/family-caregiver-training/


Another Blog Post from the minds of Direct Care Training & Resource Center, Inc. and its Chief Executive, Bruce W. McCollum.  For more on our commitment to the exceptionalism of care in general and small-scale group living, join the LinkedIn Group:  Small Scale assisted Living Success Strategies.


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