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Do You Know Your Value?
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Webinar InviteOn any given day I review 10 client concerns, observe 25 student’s progress in one of our online schools and approve approaches to helping clients to manage challenging situations. These situations could range from dealing with an impending regulatory response to a licensing violation, cash flow shortages, opining on the assessment of a person the client contemplates serving, managing a potential public relations issue, preparing a Business Plan to submit to a lender and much, much more. When some ask for a description of our work, I often tell them to watch an episode of the CBS show Bull. The only difference is that we do not practice law. However, like the lead character in the show Bull, I lead a group of real problem solvers and educators.

Our wide-ranging approach and the results we generate make our value easy to assess. I have been known to say to a client: “If what I do for you in any given situation means you will earn $350,000.00 over the next year from my contribution to this same situation, do you think I am going to debate the $5000.00 you owe me?” Of course not.

This does not mean we abandon our godly humility. It does mean that we need to be personally and genuinely convinced of our value, in all business situations. The assisted living or respite provider is a good example. It can be easy to brag about how well decorated your bedrooms are, how delicious or nutritious your resident meals are or even how experienced your program nurse might be. Those, however, are side benefits to a family caregiver whose employment is threatened from the responsibility of in-home caregiving and who has thoughts of suicide due to the stress caregiving can create.

Your value is what? It is the relief you bring, either through long-term or short-term residential care. Your buzzword is “relief” and that is the word that should be used in your dialogue to establish and re-establish your value. Guardians like relief too, which often can only come from the most responsible and competent providers of care.

Competent providers of care in all categories are tested problem solvers. Is that you? If so, then be prepared and comfortable waiving that flag.

There are many buzzwords which should make up the vocabulary of an entrepreneur if they accurately characterize what you really sell.

Join me in a webinar on Friday – April 17, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. It is specifically for entrepreneurs, preferably in some area of long-term care. Its theme: “Do You Know Your Value? – Strategies for Identifying it and Marketing It”.

Webinar Invite

Maximum attendance is 50 persons. The link to register will be posted under LIVE EVENTS at on April 8, 2020. Interested? Be sure and register promptly.


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