Going National Makes Sense for this Population

In 2014 when the State of Connecticut made training in Alzheimer’s disease mandatory for Probate Court Judges, Professional Guardians and Adult Protective Services workers, other states took notice.  The same occurred within the provinces of Canada.

After all, these professionals are making decisions that impact the lives of these individuals with serious mental deficits.  Memory loss is common among them and its important to know how to ask the right questions and make other on-the-spot assessments that give you a glimpse into the person’s mental ability.

Direct Care Training & Resource Center, Inc. has been out front in providing this education, including for court clerks, using an on-line format.

Rolled out nationally, September 1, 2018, the course covers:

  1. Diagnostic Information
  2. Managing Daily Tasks with this Population Effectively
  3. Signs of Cognitive Deficit

Images in this Blog link to the actual course.  Education is a major part of our society showing a real commitment to those among us who are vulnerable.  We take pride in being a part of that.

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