In Business: Perspective Guides the Minds of the Mature

Many know that those who pay us for corporate compliance advice and leadership are truly committed to being the best possible operation. Knowing this, an attorney phoned our offices recently to inquire about the savvy approach and professional acumen of a care provider we serve.   We advised that we knew this residential care provider to be organized and committed to quality care delivery.

We then spoke with the provider and advised this law firm wanted to refer a case to them for services and the provider replied:  “Oh no, I think that firm is under investigation.”

Our conclusion?  Great provider, but a bit naive and this is a quality that can kill the best of promising business relationships.  How so?

First we have to acknowledge that almost every law firm is subject to some kind of client complaint and/or investigation at one point or another.  A disgruntled client or defendant may make a compliant to an Attorney Grievance Commission or maybe to the State Attorney General.  This is a pretty common practice.

The reality is the larger the business and more visible the business, the more complaints will likely be made.  Yes, every law firm drops a case that is not worth their work or that is associated with a deceitful or uncooperative client.  It happens all the time.

The same applies to other businesses.  More often than we might think, the complaining party knows they have no legal case.  This is why they do not file a lawsuit or an arbitration claim.  Instead they run to the Attorney General, usually the Consumer Affairs Division, and lodge a compliant.  The goal is not resolution, as they usually know they are wrong and maybe read non-existent language into an agreement or screwed up in some other way.  The goal is to angrily hurt the business.

The Attorney General’s Office writes the business.  The business explains the matter and provides all supporting documentation and generally the matter is closed. 

Why does any of this matter?

It matters because if we become perceived or known as a business with leadership that makes decisions that reflect immaturity, rumor mongering or that we are green in key operational areas, seasoned opportunities will pass us by. Think of the person who forwards every scam email bragging of some new “big money” opportunity.  You would go, “did you just come to the internet yesterday?”  The same applies in managing and governing business relationships.

We need to think things through and respect the realities of doing business in America.  Believe half of what you see and close to none (at least not totally) of what you hear.

We work with a visiting physicians practice that is sued weekly.  Again, it happens.

Let’s project that we are not green, but a focused, mature and worthy operation.  In the process we will make quality friends and experience the growth we deserve.


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