The Logic: Mandatory Human Trafficking Training Makes Sense

Many states are mandating training in human trafficking for a variety of long-term care professionals.  These include assisted living, home care and nursing home administrators.  The State of Michigan has pretty precise language, as follows:

R 339.14002 Training standards for identifying victims of human trafficking; requirements.
Rule 2. (1) Pursuant to section 16 148 of the code, MCL 333.16148, an individual licensed or seeking licensure shall complete training in identifying victims of human trafficking that meets the following standards:
(a) Training content shall cover all of the following:
(i) Understanding the types and venues of human trafficking in Michigan or the United States.
(ii) Identifying victims of human trafficking in health care settings.
(iii) Identifying the warning signs of human trafficking in health care settings for adults and minors.
You would be hard pressed to find a long-term care professional who does not see the logic.  Just think:
A nursing home patient is regularly visited by family members with one person who is obviously not related to them. This person is an adult, is generally not introduced and seems to be quiet out of fear and perhaps often tired.’  Logically, training in how to spot potential victims would make a professional more alert to these circumstances.
Effective training discusses how to spot victims and provides up-to-date statistics on how this malady affects our entire society.  A class worth noting can be found here.
It will take some work, but education can surely help to put a dent in this horrible blemish on our world.
We would love to hear your thoughts.
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