Working with People is about “Understanding Them”

working with people

The Working with People training series is an update on the subject from the decades old publication, “Providing Residential Services in Community Settings”.  It has been enhanced to include dialogue about multiple populations.  This makes it of greater value to the direct care worker training effort in adult foster care.

Initially the goal was to broaden the understanding of those in adult foster care of both the diagnostic and treatment issues affecting the mentally ill and those with developmental/intellectual disorders.

working with people

This Working with People product expands to other populations, including those with Alzheimer’s disease.

working with people

It has also been enhanced with special sections on:  (a)  Ethics of Touch, (b) HIPAA Provisions and, (c)  The Principles of Gentle Teaching.  Item C focuses the user on monitoring ones own behavior so as not to create an unwelcoming environment in the group living/adult foster care home environment.

Adult foster care is a service needed now more than ever.  More and more families and care advocates are becoming gun shy of the nursing home due to the spread of COVID-19 spread.  Our hope remains that smaller residential care providers will continue to invest into the best “people development” strategies available.

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